A Fake(?) World

We live in a society where it’s just expected that to take a good picture it has to be filtered. If you look at most of my blog photos, at least the ones I took, they all have filters. Some of them may not seem like it, but technically speaking, they do. All of my pictures I take on my phone which I have wide aperture enabled. This allows me to change the focus after I take the picture and it also blurs some things in the background. If you look at the photo attached to the bottom of this post, you can see that the background is blurry and has vivid colors. This just goes to show the authors point that we have a habit or a need to filter things. Personally, I love filters and editing pictures to make them look better. For example the photo on my previous post I spent a mere 30 minutes editing; you can find the original here. In the article, it seems as if the author is disproving of the filters we use today but I don’t see a problem with filters, I love them and I like scrolling through Instagram and seeing what people have turned things into. I think it would be boring to see a bunch of the same pictures always on repeat. Filters let people express themselves through things that already exist. This can be shown by looking at pictures of the Eiffel Tower in Paris; people may take pictures of the same thing, but they filter it to make it unique.

The author describes taking pictures of a pile of dirty laundry and framing it to look artsy and cool, but personally, I don’t see a point in this. Photos have a story and hold memories, but I’ve not met one person who takes pictures of their laundry on the daily and enjoys it. Now there are Instagram accounts dedicated to posting the same thing daily, but that doesn’t mean people enjoy them or they hold any meaning.

I think it’s fine that people have their own opinions on filters, and I can understand why they might not like them, but I don’t think people should really think about them too hard. They’re filters and we’re living in a filtered world where one distorted picture can ruin a bunch of people’s days. Filters are personal and are expressive of the person posting it which is that persons way of showing themselves to the world.



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  1. Tim Wolfrgam says:

    I agree that filters are a great way to show some personal expression.
    I don’t think that the author was trying to say that filters are bad. She does make a few arguments that point out the rampant use of filters to change pictures. However, I think that she generally likes the expression it allows us.


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