How I Learned About The Girl With Anxiety

At a first glance, The Girl with Anxiety is a simplistic non-anxiety inducing blog written by Olivia Cutting. The posts seem to be a mix of both personal experience and informative posts. The blog is very simple and visually appealing, there are no distracting pictures or ads. Correction, there is one picture on the first post, although it is not distracting or stressful. I’m not sure why, but Olivia’s theme rearranges the posts when I switch from a post to the home page. This is a little confusing as a reader since I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening at first.

Personally, I wouldn’t read this blog on my own time. I respect her struggle with anxiety and everything shes done for herself and her blog but I don’t like to read about people’s personal experiences. However, I do like the aesthetics of this blog. I personally am a fan of using lowercase letters when discussing feelings or stuff similar to that. I think it helps to show you how the person is doing that day. If they used lowercase, they might not be doing so well and don’t feel like putting the effort in to capitalizing their letters.

Many of the posts on this blog also contain swear words, letting us as readers know that this is more than just a professional blog written as a school project. You can see the emotion in the words, word breaks and layout of the blog. This blog is her story and what she strives to overcome. One thing that would be interesting to see is if she ever overcomes her anxiety to see what would happen to her blog. Would it simply become an abandoned house or would it be renovated?


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