Beginning To Study Alike!

As you come to the studyalike blog, you are greeted by a very aesthetically pleasing page with artistic and simple pictures. This blog focuses on the “study/school” world. It is “tips and tricks, informational things, and hopefully inspiration and encouragement.” This blog is written by Shinny, a seemingly happy girl. This blog has personal experiences and other inspirational posts.

Shinny’s posts up to this point (December 4th) all have clear messages and are very thought out. They are very thought out and well developed. What I mean by this is that there is substance throughout the writing. The paragraphs introduce new ideas or further discuss points brought up in prior paragraphs.

Overall, Shinny has done an amazing job with her blog. I think some of the things she discusses are great discussion topics and she usually has interesting stories to go with them. There are also interesting and clear goals for herself and others in her posts, describing what effect they would have and how everyone can achieve them.


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