About Me

Hi, welcome to my about me page! I’m Nate and yes, my last name really is Pringle! For my about me page I was supposed to analyze some selfies I have taken but for this post I’ll be stepping out on a limb! So a little bit of background, ever since selfies have come out I would never take them. I’m not sure if it was because my parents hated selfies, if it was because I had low self confidence or a combination of the two, but I’ve only recently started taking selfies. I don’t have any serial selfies to analyze, but I do have my history of pictures to help with this.

So when I say I didn’t take selfies until recently, I mean just over the summer of 2018. I would take pictures with the family, but never selfies. The picture attached to the side is my first selfie. If you consider this a selfie is up to you, but I think it is. It is a picture of me, taken by me. I might not have realized it at the time I took the picture, but it goes to show how everyone has only ever seen my “shadow” and never me. After this, I took a few selfies and sent them to some of my friends when I went somewhere, for example, I would take a selfie standing next to a waterfall. While I can’t find all of these selfies, I know I took them.

44358209_2042932032431977_3136291183756574720_n (1)

So what does this change mean? Does it mean I feel more secure? Not really, I’ve realized that if what I’m looking for is confirmation, I need to put myself out there, so that people can see the real me, and not just my shadow.

User calendarsarecool posted on Reddit asking people what they thought of people who don’t take selfies and many of the replies were comments saying people who take selfies are self-centered and narcissistic. Churchchannel posted that these people are “People who have self-respect and a modicum of intelligence.” Rettberg explains in her book “Seeing Ourselves Through Technology” on page 17 that people will try to discipline the selfie-takers by saying things like ” ‘Go fuck your #selfie’ ” for no apparent reason other than that they just don’t like them.

I personally don’t mind selfies, they allow someone to represent themselves, but I prefer to do it in different ways. I think posting a picture of something I think is interesting represents myself just as much as posting a selfie. I don’t need to include my facial expression, as discussed last week, we can represent ourselves just as much through filters as we can selfies.


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