“Seeing Ourselves Through Technology” Chapter 3 Notes

Key Terms:

Metonym– This term might not be a key term, but it was still something I didn’t previously know what it meant. It means a word that is closely associated with something else. For example, Washington D.C. is a metonym for government.

Selfie – this is the main topic discussed in chapter 3. Selfies are such a broad topic that basically any photo of a person can be considered one. These photos also can be used to show other people a quick glimpse into a persons life. As described in the article, many people take a selfie a day and upload it into a time lapse.

Cumulative – this is used to describe the selfies these people are accumulating through the years by serial selfie takers.


People like to take selfies to express themselves and the way we take them helps us express ourselves. Taking selfies once a day may seem pretty straightforward, but in reality we have the choice of what expression we will have, what is gonna be in the background, what am I wearing? All of these things were considered by Karl Baden who has been taking a selfie a day since 1987 which are all framed exactly the same. We can also take selfies in a photobooth which will show one very small blip of our lives, while still having a combination of natural poise and pose as the timer will automatically take a photo when the person may or may not be ready for it.


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